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Tools For School

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In 2017, Morrison County United Way introduced “Tools for School”, a program providing free school supplies for children in need and allowing them to go back to school prepared to learn.


In just 7 years, we have expanded the program to be in 6 schools and impacted more than 300 students and approximately 35 teachers in Little Falls, Randall, Royalton and Swanville! In 2023, we added Pierz Pioneer Elementary and have delivered over 3,000 items to area schools! Read more about this program below.

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In March of 2020 as life changed and children went to distance learning programs, Tools for School was able to assist with providing supplies that made it easier for children to learn from home. In September of 2020, the program helped children that started in distance or hybrid learning models and then helped teachers once these students went back to the classroom. In the last 2 years, this program has also provided schools with mittens and gloves for children that were not prepared for cold weather. We helped one of the schools create bean bag boards for gym class out of bleachers and we have provided items such as headphones to all schools in the program. We work with the school social workers to find the greatest needs for each individual school and they also help with distribution of the items.


We would love to continue to grow this program but due to higher funding needs in some of our other programs, we are not able to expand the program into more Morrison County schools at this time. Our goal is to continue to provide children with the tools they need to learn!

To donate or learn more about the Tools For School Program, please contact us:

Morrison County United Way
116 8th Ave SE
Little Falls, MN 56345
Phone: (320) 632-5102
E-mail us:

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