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Thank you for being a Morrison County United Way business donor! This is your resource for tools to help you have a successful (and fun!) campaign. Is something missing? Let us know and we’ll get you the tools for success!

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Do you need additional pledge forms for your employees? Click below. Do you need Social Media assets for Facebook? We’ve got that too. How about some ideas to make your campaign fun (let’s all admit it, we need the fun things in life more than ever)? Check out the fun-raiser document provided below.

The below Facebook images are correctly sized. Click on whichever image you like below and download it.
Text for your post and examples provided here. Don’t forget to tag @Morrison County United Way.

If you want a custom image, we can do that too. Just let us know!
Contact Meghann at:
Phone: (320) 632-5102
E-mail us:

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